A new association that strive to help the wellbeing of Quantity Surveyors in Malaysia. We want every QS either professionals or students be apart of MAQSA to ensure that our profession would be highly appreciated and respected.


Our Vision To be the main platform for a professional quantity surveyor.


To gather as many professional quantity surveyors and building awareness. 


  • Express ideas, suggestions and resolutions on various issues and policies Governments in particular involving the younger generation surveying profession;
  • Support and cooperate with the Government and related government agencies implementation of material development profession development program;
  • Organize activities that can strengthen unity, improve loyalty and creating awareness of the need for a material surveying profession
    unite to work together with the government to build and advance
  • Work with the construction industry to obtain internal research grants
    provide up-to-date data for the use of all construction industries.
  • Provide opportunities for members to participate in leadership training programs,
    skills and entrepreneurship in producing a knowledgeable young generation
  • Organize activities for members in the field of culture, sports,
    spirituality, economy, education, nationhood and others;
  • Carry out other activities that can strengthen financial resources
    MAQSA organization;

Logo Philosophy